Wonka Weekend


It was a quick visit with family, just Thursday evening to Saturday morning, but it was packed with satisfying moments. We had a chance for some quiet conversations with Riley & Peyton talking about their upcoming plans and while they were at school, rehearsal, and prep for performance, we had some amazing conversations with Dave and Amy as we all look even further into the future. It was gorgeous weather allowing us to hang outside and take a long walk in a nearby park. We took the opportunity to pass some goodness on to the next generation. Dave is now the proud owner of a Honda EU2000i generator that he will use as part of his emergency backup plan while we will be moving on to a lithium power station. But the real reason for the visit was to watch Peyton & Riley dance. While Peyton played a series of bit parts, we were quite impressed with her roles both as a Squirrel in the Nut Room, and as part of The Chocolate River in their dance company’s rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Meanwhile as a graduating senior, Riley did an incredible job starring as Willie Wonka. It was an emotional experience since this weekend is her final opportunity to dance with this company. Tears were welling over not only for family members, but for friends, and fellow dancers and their families after Friday evening’s performance. We were able to cap off the visit with an amazing brunch and visit with the four of them and an opportunity to present the girls with a couple of semi-precious trinkets that Grandpop created in his studio. Now we’re southbound heading to our mountain house even while we dream of visits to come.



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  1. Lynn

    Wonderful pics of the family and how great to see them perform.
    Happy Mom’s Day.


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