Today has been a comedy of errors. Our plan had been to visit Cahokia then head on to our campsite near Carlyle, Illinois. All that would have been about four hours of driving. But as we were preparing to leave Fisherman’s Corner COE Campground near Moline, Illinois this morning, we learned that the Cahokia Mounds Interpretive Center is closed for extensive renovation. So we moved to Plan B, to drive the Great River Road awhile then head to the campground and possibly visit the grounds at Cahokia in the evening or early morning. Then we got a crazy idea to visit Twain’s Boyhood Home in Hannibal. We altered our route and needed to do an around the block u-turn in a tiny hamlet. (Our trailer jack didn’t fare well on one particular steep intersection.) Then we calculated the distance from Hannibal to our campground and abandoned that plan. So ultimately it’s nine hours of driving with only a few short stops. Traveling small highways, touring Illinois cornfields, Mississippi River views, tiny towns, and no major attractions under gorgeous blue skies. We’re finishing the day at the Dam East COE Campground near Carlyle, Illinois just across the water from Dam West where we stayed one night in 2016. And we’ve figured out an excellent reason for making the one hour trip back to Cahokia tomorrow morning.




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When Plans Go Awry

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