Last night we enjoyed our stay at Dam East-McNair Campground, near Carlyle, Illinois remembering our 2016 stay at Dam West, on the other end of the dam. So today’s journey was a trek across the Illinois from just east of the Mississippi River to just over the Ohio River to the Paducah/I-24/Kentucky Lake KOA Journey near Calvert City, Kentucky. Along the way we did a fuel stop in the southern part of the state not far from Carbondale, at Stuckey’s of Johnston City. What a trip back in time! A trip back to road trips with our parents back in the 1960’s when we’d beg for Pecan Pralines and other sweet pecan candies! The iconic roofline and distinctive red and yellow logo brought back a flood of memories and we went prowling for a pecan treat. Our tastes have changed so instead of pralines, we came away with a bag of lucious Georgia grown Pecan Halves for noshing as we continued on our way. It’s great to know that Stuckey’s history, begun in 1937 is continuing!




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