Reunited with Redford

2023 Full-Time, North Carolina, Road Trip, States

While we were partying at Tween Creeks, our Redford our trusty red Ford F-150 was in the shop in Waynesville, NC. Even as we were finishing up with the after party clean-up at the vacation rental technicians were finishing up the trifecta of repairs that the truck needed. Fortunately they’d loaned us a vehicle for getting around town but not sufficient as a tow vehicle. The good news is that our dear friend Mike was still in the area, camping at Fort Tatham/Sun Retreats-Nantahala south of Sylva, North Carolina (We have found memories of camping there as early as 1979!) and offered to bring his trusty Ford F-150 to tow Bell@, our nüCamp T@B 400 over Balsam Mountain and into Waynesville. A gift of a used 2″ tow ball from Fred & Marianna, former neighbors whose friendship we treasure, helped facilitate the transfer. So we waved good bye to Tween Creeks and headed out. Once over on Russell Avenue in Waynesville we parked in the shopping center adjacent to the dealership and treated Mike and ourselves to lunch at New Happy Garden. This once was one of our hangouts with friends and owners Steve and Linda were delighted to see us again. Fortunately by late afternoon Travis at Taylor Ford told us Redford was ready to roll. It was basically all covered by our extended warranty which eased the pain to the wallet tremendously. Now we are northbound headed for Ohio with an overnight at none other than Wytheville KOA as we wind up the sixth month of our full-time travels. And yes, it’s a much quieter ride.

Loading up the loaner Ford Edge with gear usually packed in the bed of the pickup.
Mike and his trusty red Ford F-150 ready to roll with Bell@ in tow.
Yummy Chinese buffet at New Happy Garden
Linda & Steve (not pictured) remembered us from when we used to come regularly with Mary & Stan and various other friends from the area.
Thank you, Travis for your part in getting us on the road again.




  1. Michael Mancuso

    So glad you got Redford back! I had Big Fred in the body shop for almost three weeks and I hated not having my F-150!

    • Steve & Karen

      Awfully glad we had a weeklong house party to distract us from the angst of no truck alongside the teardrop.


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