Deck Day – The Grand Finale


In the beginning in 1992 Deck Day was a low-key, let’s just spend the whole day out on the pool deck with a friend that grew year by year into an amazing annual gathering of family and friends from all over the country. Last year we announced our plans to host just one more, our 30th Deck Day. This is it! It seemed also to be a most appropriate time for our 50th Anniversary Celebration with those dear to us through all these years. We were quite thrilled to be able to host this gathering at Tween Creeks, once our home in the mountains and now a beautifully appointed vacation house. Out of town folks began gathering on Friday to help with the preparations. It’s fabulous to watch the joy of reunion of friends that know each other because of this event. Along with the preparations for the big event there were hikes up the the “Witch House”, raucous games of “Double Solitaire” played with six or more players, dancing on the deck, fireside chats, and some special beverages while we all enjoyed the beauty of May in the mountains. On Sunday Vivian orchestrated the Anniversary celebration and Greg graciously served as master of ceremonies. We’re grateful to everyone who sent the best wishes that he collated into a digital collection of memories for us. Then Monday was the main event with folks arriving all day for the festivities and feast of Cedar Planked Salmon, Pulled-Pork, Smoked Brisket, and much much more. Big thanks to all who took fabulous photos and those who pitched in to keep food on the table giving the two of us more time to visit with friends and family. Siblings and their families, kids, grandkids, fellow dancers, neighbors, T@B travelers, Steve’s Best Man and several others who were at our wedding. Our hearts are full of joy not only with this celebration but the memory of Deck Days past and the anticipation of spending time with each and every one of these people in the future as well as those who wanted to come but couldn’t. Thank You! To everyone who was a part of this!

Friday evening’s living room gathering of the house and driveway guests.
The driveway started to look like a nüCamp dealership!
Other out-of-towners rented off-site lodging but one young guest brought his own house to the deck!
And enjoyed some doting attention from his Great Aunt
Oh! The joy of witnessing friendships formed at Deck Days past!
And celebrating puzzles of Deck Days past. A long long tradition!
And watching the progress of this year’s puzzle late into the night…
and continuing until completion. It’s indeed a big group effort.
Dear friends from the local area.
And hugs when precious ones arrive.
A decades long tradition in Karen’s family, Multi-Handed “Solitaire”.
Sometimes calm and social, other times crazy and raucous.
Hikes in the neighborhood,
and explorations of the stream out front.
Sunday morning gathering to celebrate our Golden Anniversary later this summer.
Complete with Cake and Champagne
And precious family and friends
And! Amanda in London video visiting.
Scrumptious smoked meats, prepared this time by Haywood Smokehouse. Yum!
And local strawberries laced with chocolate liqueur!
And a Mojitos salute!
Good food, good people, a great time,
And quiet conversation, until…
What’s got people so fascinated?
And dogs too!
It’s a drone! For some amazing photos!
When the visit is over, everyone signs the guest book.
Springtime in the Smokies!
An amazing gathering in an amazing place.
We’ll hold this in our hearts forever!




  1. Susan O'Gara

    What a blessing to be part of this amazing and joyous celebration!! Times like these remind us of what it means to be family and how much we are blessed by God! Thank you Karen and Steve for adopting us all as part of your family!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Michael Ogden

    Merilee and I had a great time at your Grand Finale. These photos brought back memories of good times. See you this Fall.

  3. Ed Norton

    Some of those pics would make some terrific jigsaw puzzles themselves…(hint, hint)…Loren ????

  4. Jackie Mallory

    Sounds like lot,dog fun

  5. Meagan

    Happy anniversary! It looks as if you had tons of fun!

  6. Norene Dagly

    You are a gift to this world. You have spread so much love and joy with others. Enjoy the leaves and flowers and waterfalls and mountains!

  7. Lynn & Art

    Happy Golden Anniversary! Your Deck Day celebrations and friends have created many memories to cherish for years to come. ❤️Treasures of the heart. Best wishes and blessings to you and all your family in your next life’s adventure. Blessings.
    Love and hugs,
    Lynn & Art
    PS. Next time your in Florida please give us a call or stop by and linger awhile. Take care.


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