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Since Redford, our 2016 Ford F-150 is in the shop for a week we were fortunate that Jim, a dear friend and fellow T@B owner offered to hitch Bell@, our T@B 400 to his truck and deliver her to our next stop. It turned out to be not quite seamless. Jim’s trailer has the Boondock axle so hitching our trailer was a bit of a challenge but we were successful and the trip to Tween Creeks was uneventful. Steve backed it in to the usual spot for a level parking place and we commenced the first phase of our week. Yes, this is the property that we sold almost exactly six months ago. The new owner who established it as a vacation rental agreed to rent it to us for the coming week. These first couple of days have been peaceful, comforting, and yet surreal. The new owner has redecorated so it feels both familiar and alien. An upgrade is a new hot tub in which we gratefully soaked the first night before retiring to our own bed in our own trailer in the driveway. Soon enough the bedrooms will be filled with houseguests as the party begins. But for now we have the leisure to eat brunch on the little patio overlooking a cascade in the western branch of Cherry Gap Branch and to sit on the new sofa in the living room and listen to “Home” by Phillip Phillips, to wander down to Creekside, and to sit on the deck at gaze at the curtain of green that has comforted us every May. We also ran a few errands, started putting in supplies for our upcoming Deck Day, visited Silver Threads and Golden Needles to purchase a bit of yarn, and shared a dinner on the deck with Richard and Lynn, neighbors on the other side of Cherry Gap Branch east of the house. It actually occurred to us that we’d never taken a photo of us together in the four decades we’ve been friends, so we memorialized the day with our first selfie together! Tomorrow Deck Day participants will begin to arrive to help us prepare for the big day and to party as we do so. Life is an Adventure!

Thank you, Jim for coming to our rescue. With Redford in the shop your offer to tow Bell@ to Tween Creeks was wonderful.
Back at Tween Creeks once again.
Backing into the driveway as we’ve done so many times. Grateful that the depression on the east side of the driveway was still there for a level parking spot.
Staying at a vacation rental that was once our home was a curious mixture of familiar and alien.
Nice to once again experience the fabulous curtains of spring green all around the deck that helps make May such a wonderful time to be here.
Felt good to go shopping in familiar places and start the process of stocking up for Deck Day.
Cheers to good friends, good food, and good beer!
And a selfie with friends for such a long time!




  1. Jim Collins

    Thanks for the kudos! It was a fine deck party. We are in Grand Marais Michigan, Woodland Park on Superior. No precip since Maumee Bay’s tornado. Hope you two and your rolling gear are on the road and happy. Enjoy this beautiful weekend. Jim & Susan

    • Steve & Karen

      Woodland Park in Grand Marais, Michigan is such a delightful place! Glad you are enjoying lovely weather. We’ve had some rain but nothing like last week. Enjoying staying put for the moment but should hit the road before long. Hope we’ll get a chance to rendezvous.

  2. Donna & Jerry

    Great to see you! Will see you again soon!!!

    • Steve & Karen

      It’ll be fun to do the crossing together!


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