Our twelve night stay in Maggie Valley, North Carolina is coming to a close. It’s been a delightful stay at Hillbilly Creekside Campground on Site #3 backed up immediately adjacent to Campbell Creek. We’ve watched the occasional fisherman wading in the stream and a pair of Mallards paddling downstream. It’s delightful listening to the babbling waters and birdsong. Although we’ve visited Maggie many times during our residency in western North Carolina, this was our first overnight stay since 1979 which is now the stuff of family legend and campfire stories when we and our toddler returned to the campground after dark and initially couldn’t find our big green canvas tent. It’d been flattened by the wind and rain of the remnants of Hurricane David. We did manage to get the tent set up and spend a soggy night in it but it was the last one for that particular tent. This time we booked a seven night stay but events conspired to cause us to extend our reservation for five more nights. Thank you Richard and Stacey for accommodating us so graciously. During this stay we’ve pretty much cocooned. We’ve chatted with neighbors a bit. One had recently learned he was descended from the Maggie after whom the town is named. Another was traveling in a camper smaller than ours. We’ve wandered up and down the main drag and ventured up the other side of Campbell Creek. We’ve enjoyed checking out some of the breakfast places here and have met some great folks there. We have run a few errands but mostly we’ve stayed home. The campsites here are quite close together so we opted to not do the full set up with awning, outdoor rug, full outdoor kitchen but kept it simple, two chairs and a small table as well is the Weber Q on another small table. We’ve made most of our own meals despite the temptation of so many restaurants within walking distance. We’ve seen a couple of people we’ve known from our years in this area Jim from the fish market, Kathleen from the pharmacy, but the big surprise was seeing Dina who we met at Petrified Forest in Arizona. She and Tom were traveling in a nüCamp Cirrus truck camper and she was wearing a WCU jacket. Of course we had to talk to them! Today she was visiting an uncle who’s in a motorhome across from us in the campground and recognized us! We had a delightful chat! Tomorrow we move on to our next adventure. The move itself will be an adventure but that’s a story for another day.

Built in the 1960’s the sites here are quite compact but both our trailer and truck fit in nicely.
Who wouldn’t enjoy a backyard view like this one?
We made our way to three different local eateries for scrumptious fare.
But also enjoyed making our own meals.
We went out for a walk together Mother’s Day evening and came home with this gorgeous rose.
The view of Campbell Creek from our camp chairs.
One of us is fascinated with Geodetic Survey markers. This one is in the sidewalk near the Maggie Valley Town Hall.
Apparently part of the infrastructure of the Campbell Family mill which operated from the early 19th to mid-20th Century. It’s on private property but visitors are encouraged to take pictures.
Just a lovely place to plant ourselves for some quiet time before we through ourselves into the preparations for The Last Deck Day.




  1. Sharon

    Looking forward to seeing you both on Deck Day!

    • Steve & Karen

      Can’t wait to see you guys too!

  2. Lynne

    Beautiful. How relaxing!

    • Steve & Karen

      Wish you were enjoying the mountains in May with us!


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