To minimize the risk of travel delays interfering with embarking on the Queen Mary 2 tomorrow, we scheduled our train ride into Manhattan so we’d have two nights before making our way to the ship. We did experience a two hour Amtrak delay due to severe flood damage in Vermont but arrived finally at the spiffy new Moynihan Train Hall. We easily followed signs for the most convenient exit and walked to our hotel on 37th Street where we flopped on the bed. One of our delights was reading all the thoughtful comments posted by you, our readers, thank you! Today we wandered the streets oh New York. We started with Omelettes at Westway Diner and enjoyed Fish & Chips at Tailor Public House before heading back to our hotel room. In between we concentrated on wandering Midtown. We’re saving opportunities like theater and museums for later and concentrated on enjoying today’s beautiful weather in outdoor spaces. We did venture into the Port Authority Bus Terminal and delighted in seeing the bronze statue of Ralph Kramden, Jackie Gleason’s character from The Honeymooners out front of the terminal. It was cool to walk past B&H Photo on 34th Street. We’ve been online customers of theirs for years. We wandered from 34th & 9th to 50th & 6th, just a tiny section of Manhattan but with the skyscrapers, delis, food trucks, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, 42nd Street, shops along Diamond Jewelry Way, and Broadway it was a great way to score more than 13,000 steps today. Now stay tuned. Tomorrow we’ll make our way to Pier 12 at Red Hook and head east from there!

Great Omelettes at Westway Diner to fuel us for a day of wandering the streets of New York.
History is everywhere. Where we ate breakfast today was the birthplace of The Seinfeld Show according to Seinfeld.
Jackie Gleason as his NYC bus driver character
Just one of many construction projects in the middle of the city.
Iconic NYC location!
Loving the sculptures
Rockefeller Center Ice Rink in Summer
And of course a selfie is in order
The focal point of Rockefeller Center
The facade of the GE building at Rockefeller Center
St Patrick’s Cathedral
Fabulous artwork facade.
Window shopping in the Diamond District.
Fish & Chips and Guinness at Tailor Public House.
It may be “So 20th Century” but our grandkids like receiving post cards. And there’s one more for CJ since she was with us on our prior visits in 2001 and 2002.




  1. Marlis

    WOW awesome-! Yes to make sure no more major delays……

    My old stomping grounds-lived there in the 70’s of course as a ballerina!
    Many blessings,

  2. Jim Collins

    Bon Voyage good friends! One more trip of a lifetime to mark your 50th Anniversary in a special way. Trip your lights fantastic every day in a slightly diffent way!
    Jim & Susan. See you in the Spring!

  3. Ed Norton

    I’m pretty sure you have to go underground (and wear hip boots) to see the Ed Norton statue…

  4. Susan O'Gara

    Looks like an idyllic day! So happy for you and for your new adventures on the high seas and in England!
    With love and blessings to you both! Susan

  5. Amanda Evans

    Wonderful! You really got out and enjoyed the city’! Bon voyage as you board the beautiful Queen Mary 2 today! I’ll see you next Friday on this side. Enjoy every minute!

  6. Konni

    Thank you for the wonderful pics. I remember some places from my visit in 2000 when I was there for my sisters wedding. We had dinner in the twin towers restaurant „top of the world „ I will never forget the amazing view !


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