Today we are embarking on a journey that we’ve been planning for the past year. It’s not our usual last minute flying by the seat of our pants adventure. Or at least the major parts aren’t. Last August we called and talked with Kevin at Q Cruise Travel in Chicago to start the process. It’s been great working with him, he even called today to see if we had any last minute questions. We’ve parked our teardrop, Bell@ in Greg’s driveway for the duration and he drove us to the Amtrak station. We just boarded the Amtrak Vermonter a trip to New York City. We’re a bit behind schedule. Our train was scheduled to leave at 1:40PM but per the Amtrak app, there were unexpected staff changes so we’re actually departing now at 3:40PM. Now we’re exited to arrive at Penn Station about 7:45PM. It will be our first visit to the new Moynihan Train Hall. Then two nights in Manhattan before we set sail on Friday aboard the Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 bound for Southampton. We have lodging reserved for four weeks in London before embarking once again on the QM2 for our westbound voyage. We’ll actually be in London on to celebrate our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary the end of this month! Hard to believe we’re actually on our way!




  1. Nancy Moffat

    Congratulations on both your 50th anniversary & a fabulous couple of months. I love the QE2. I also love traveling by ship bc there’s not any jet lag. U loose or gain an hour every day r every other day! Enjoy!!!!!

  2. Debi & family

    Travel safe!

  3. Lee Douchkoff

    Bravo to you both. Enjoy my birth city and country. Be safe.

  4. Ed Norton

    May your desire and willingness for new adventures never ever disappear…stay safe and well.

  5. Jill & Malcolm

    Have a wonderful anniversary and a wonderful trip! ❤️ Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. Anne Psarras

    How fun!! Have a great time and happy anniversary in advance!

  7. Donna & Jerry

    GREAT 50th celebration! See you soon!

  8. Amanda Evans

    Yay!! Enjoy the crossing and I’m excited to greet you when you arrive in this side of the pond! Woo hoo!

    • Steve & Karen

      Having a fabulous time savoring the moment as we make our way to the planned rendezvous in Southampton! Thanks!

  9. Sherri

    Fabulous! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  10. Sally Bedrosian

    Bless your sweet hearts. Have a wonderful time and Congrats on the 50 year mark

  11. Sally Bedrosian

    Bless your sweet hearts. Have a wonderful time and Congrsts in the 50 year mark

  12. Jean Buchanan

    God bless you and have a wonderful trip. Happy 50th to you both!

  13. Pam

    So excited for you! Enjoy your trip!

  14. Bev Binfield

    Congratulations Karen & Steve on your 50th wedding anniversary. It sounds like an amazing journey that you have planned. John &I just spent 4 nights in London but could have spent a lot more time there if we could. Enjoy your cruise and then your stay in London. Bev & John

  15. Betty Meek Comar

    Enjoy and Happy 50th Anniversary!!

  16. Jim Andrews

    Hard to find five couples combined today with as many years as you guys will be celebrating. What a great accomplishment. Enjoy all your travels. See you when you get back at TAB Rally probably.

  17. Diane Dempsey

    Safe travels! Wishing you a happy trip and a happier anniversary! The best is yet to come!

  18. Mike Ogden

    Have a great trip. I know you two have been locking forward to this cruise. I’ll still be hiking on the West Highland Way in Scotland when you arrive.

  19. Susan & Rich

    I guess you caught “Amanda Fever!” Lol!
    We feel it coming on too! First symptoms – lots of internal butterflies, giggles and joyful anticipation!
    Rich and I celebrate our 50th anniversary December 2024 — guess we need to start planning! You both are such an inspiration!
    Bon Voyage and we are eagerly awaiting the photo moment Amanda greets you!

  20. Debbi Wheeler Child

    How awesome! London is a favorite. Enjoy and happy 50th!

  21. Jean Wilson

    Happy 50th! Enjoy your adventure!

  22. Konni

    Safe travels! Enjoy your trip and Happy 50th Anniversary.

  23. Sharon

    We are so happy for you two! Congratulations on your 50th!
    Enjoy this exciting adventure! Sending you love across the pond,
    Sharon & Paul

  24. Teresa&Rick

    So excited for you!! Happy 50th!!! We’re living vicariously thru you, so keep the blog updated ❤️

  25. Elsie Miller

    Wishing you many Blessings as you celebrate your 50th ❤️ Congrats Travel safe!

  26. Kathy Wittberg

    Bon voyage you two! Happy Anniversary cruise and England adventures!


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