It was a day of natural wonders. It began with beautiful blue skies! We drove to Devil’s Tower National Monument for a three hour visit including a hike around the base marveling at the skill of the climbers. Then we drove to Medora, ND along backroads. One was Montana 323 which was a gravel road through open range.
Besides cattle we saw the deer and the antelope play. We were awfully glad to be in the car when we saw the rattler! Arrived in Medora shortly after sunset and moonrise. It’s a lovely cool and dry evening.  




  1. Meribeth

    Thanks for getting in touch!   I love the pictures and your comments. I hope I get as lucky as you two someday.  To find someone I love as much as you two love each other… You can see your having a wonderful time, way to go!  Take care friends,

  2. Alex

    Holy smoke, that’s a huge rattler snake! Always good to read your blog.

  3. Steve

    Yes! That was quite an impressive rattlesnake. The photo was taken with me safely inside the car and the snake on the outside!


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