Making the decision to live in our cute little 2021 T@B 400 teardrop trailer means that for us a road trip isn’t necessarily a vacation so we approach meal planning the way we would if we had a fixed residence. We grocery shop and prepare most of our meals at home. Convenience store “road food” doesn’t really appeal to us. What we do love is indie diners in small towns and Bob’s Diner in Bainbridge, New York jumped out at us when we did a Yelp! search for Breakfast and Brunch. Yes! They serve breakfast all day and they offer “Bob’s Everything”, an omelette with lots of meat, cheese, and vegetables in a vintage diner with black and white linoleum floors and red vinyl upholstered booth benches. Our server, Megan, was an absolute delight. The fellow diners seemed to be primarily local regulars and everything we tasted was delish. We were inspired to post a review on Yelp! and to look for a nearby campground to check out on a future trip through the area because we definitely intend to return!




  1. Susan O'Gara

    Oh yummy!!! Diners are the best!!!!!

  2. Donna Cody

    We LOVE local diners!

  3. Ed Norton

    and Bob’s your uncle 🙂

  4. Mike Ogden

    I’ve been to this diner many times. It’s a great stop on our way home from hiking in the Catskills and the Finger Lakes Trail in the area. Classic food with a classic feel. Glad you two like it.


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