From our hotel we walked along the Riverwalk and through the Hyatt property to The Alamo right in the middle of downtown San Antonio. Our initial impression was that it was much more crowded than when we visited in 1974 on our 1st Anniversary trip. We were fascinated with the restoration project in progress. We listened to the history talk.  The docent did an excellent job of putting the events of the seige of The Alamo within the context of the history of the time. After a lunch at the British pub on the Riverwalk, we retrieved the car and drove north to Austin.  Spent the early part of Friday evening in downtown Austin.  Decided we would probably enjoy it more with a local guide.



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  1. Pat W.

    Hi Steve and Karen! I haven’t seen the Alamo since I was 5 years old! I don’t remember much about it except that I was disappointed that Davy Crockett wasn’t still lying dead on the front steps. (5-year olds have no sense of history…) Am enjoying your pictures.


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