Venturing Out

Believe it or not, we’re on the road, prompted by an appointment in Sugarcreek that we made back in January for a couple of mods. We also see it as a test of a couple of things. Can we travel with our T@B 400 and social distance? And can we incorporate features of our newer at home routine into our on the road routine? We left yesterday early afternoon. So far so good. Using facilities in our own trailer at rest areas and fuel stops, including meal breaks is working nicely. There was an apparent non-concern over precautions at our campground check-in but we used our own masks and hand sanitizing. Now as far as new routine, we’re pleased so far. We enjoyed coffee outside then went for a long brisk walk and then another leisurely cup of coffee before hitting the road. Now we’re at a rest stop preparing breakfast! Self-contained is good!

  1. Michael Kulczycki

    Steve & Kathy, asfellow Tab400 owner, 2019 edition, what are mods you are doing at Sugar Creek? Michael + Susan Kulczycki, Aurora IL

    • Steve & Karen

      Rooftop Solar to augment two Zamp suitcase panels, Maxxair Fan Deluxe with existing Fantastic fan to move to bathroom, and the new ultralight 2021 dinette table. Have you made any mods to yours?

      • Michael Kulczycki

        Steve, no mods yet, but will likely consider:
        – lighter table
        – newer square sink w better drainage

        We had factory installed solar. But love your idea of swapping fan into bathroom if we consider fan replacement. Frankly, due to covid we haven’t used enough to best know what mods make sense. Thanks, Michael

        • Steve & Karen

          Glad to hear you’ve had no regrets with the Maxxair. We think each one of the upgrades will make life in our T@B just a little better!

  2. Bob De Grasf

    Good you two are on the road again. I bought a 17ft Keystone Bullet and last year went on two adventures: one to Lake George NY in June and south of Denver CO in October. Not sure where this summer but CO at the top of the list because that’s where one of my daughters live with five grandchildren.

    • Steve & Karen

      So cool you are now part of the tiny trailer movement. We love our 18ft T@B. We spent a glorious week in Cripple Creek CO this past summer! (You can find those posts by clicking on CO on the State by State map.) And traveling to visit grandkids- isn’t it great!

  3. Pam Heward

    So excited that you are enjoying venturing out! We were at Timbercrest campground for a week and enjoyed the area very much! Have fun traveling!

    • Steve & Karen

      We were well aware of your chance to enjoy the camaraderie of nöCamp at Timbercrest. Oh! Don’t we wish we had been able to join you. Got to have a great (socially distant) visit with Jenn & Rocky, Allison, and Darren last night including fun tales from “youcan’tcampbutwecan”. Looking forward to the next time we can share adventures!

    • Steve & Karen

      Thanks! This one is a short one but is helping us feel a little more comfortable with the concept of T@B travel and social distancing. Thinking we’ll head out on another trip in the near future.

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